My First NFT Art - Butterfly Effect Series

40" x 30" Butterfly Effect - 1 of 1. Room by Canvy. Art by Susan.

There is a Butterfly Effect in raising our frequency.

Energies dancing, floating, reaching, rising, 

In a jubilee of life.

*UPDATE: These NFTs have been taken down temporarily.

As of March, 2021, after much deliberation, I have decided to jackknife dive into the realm of NFT Art, with my Butterfly Effect Series. You can visit the Subscribe section on my main site, to be updated via the monthly newsletter). You can read my Bio here.

The original art piece of the Butterfly Effect series, is made up of various layered experiments using different computer software applications. I call it my digital marbled alcohol ink technique.

Printable NFT Art & Traditional Art

Included in the NFT purchases, will be the transferred printable files.

I highly recommend that you give this to your local (or online) high quality giclée printer @ 300 dpi. My printer uses these state-of-the-art giclée printers: Epson SureColor P9000 and Epson Stylus 9900. You can give your local giclée printer the jpg file to print, then mat and frame, if you wish.

These will also be available (except for the one of a kind Butterfly Effect original digital art image) to ship as printed (at higher prices to include printing, S&H and tax if applicable). Contact me first, as we are in a Provincial lockdown here in Ontario, Canada, in April 2021.

20" x 20" Butterfly Effect Close-Up 1 of 10. Room by Canvy. Art by Susan.

40" x 30" Butterfly Effect - Energies - 1 of 10. Room by Canvy. Art by Susan.

You can find the Butterfly Effect series for sale, listed on the Ethereum blockchain, in the Mintable gasless store.

Print on demand: multimediasusan @

Originally published in March, 2021. The prices have been changed again in April 26, 2021.

Mintable answers the following question: What exactly is a Non-Fungible Token or NFT?

What is Mintable?

Mintable is a marketplace to buy and sell digital items on the blockchain (NFTs also known as ERC-721s).

Creating an Account on

Whether you want to buy, or are an artist who wants to create an NFT on Mintable, you can find FAQs and knowledge base files (including How To Buy An Item, Fees, etc.) on their site, for both blockchains. I have included the blockchain site links as well, for your further research:

Ethereum site & Ethereum docs on Mintable

Zilliqua site & Zilliqua docs on Mintable

* Important: if you need to have a digital wallet (e.g. MetaMask on Ethereum), you need to use the link within the, because there are so many external links on search engines, that are similar to phishing scams. You need the real one.

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